Hired A Birth Injury Lawyer Through Valent Legal To Help Me With My Case

Premature Baby

After my son was born he suffered from cerebral palsy which was caused by the doctors during delivery. If it wasn’t for a mistake on their part, my son would have had a normal life. I knew I had a lawsuit on my hands, but I wasn’t sure where to start with it. A friend of mine told me I should search for a birth injury lawyer in the area that could help me with my case.

I went online and searched for a birth injury lawyer in my area. I came across a few of them that I could hire and I read reviews about them. The reviews were mostly good and helped me decide which one was better than the other. I still wanted to talk to them either over the phone or in person so I could explain my case and see what they could tell me. I called around and set up free consultations with all of them.

After consulting with them and giving them my paperwork, there was one birth injury lawyer that really stuck out. Valent Legal seemed to know what they were doing and had a proven track record of success when it came to cases such as mine. I felt that the lawyer was very informed and educated on this more so than others and decided this is who I wanted to hire for my case.

I called Valent Legal back so I could set up another appointment with them to take my case. There was paperwork I needed to sign with them to get everything started and the ball rolling. I just wanted to get this taken care of as soon as possible. I didn’t want to have to go through any of this and just wanted my child to have a normal life which he would have if it wasn’t for the doctors.

Valent Legal worked very quickly to get my case moving and settled. They made sure to keep me updated through everything and told me how the whole process would work and what I should expect from it as far as how long it would take to get settled. I felt confident that I hired the best lawyer around to help me in this terrible time.

After about a year the lawyers at Valent Legal were able to settle my case against the doctors and hospital. They were really great to work with and I am so glad I chose them. They were able to get the money from the injuries my son sustained during birth. He is progressing and moving in the right direction, but he will never be able to do the same activities as other kids. He does try to and with additional therapy and other methods, he will get moving on the right track again. I am so thankful for the lawyers at Valent Legal that helped me out during all of this.